Happy Birthday, Pork Cracklins

On this day in 2003 I gave up keeping track of things I made and liked in a little notebook and posted my first entry in this blog. No photo, and it was in the same format I had been using in my notebook – what I made, notes on the dishes, what wine we drank.

That format has evolved slightly, but the blog still serves its original purpose – a place for me to search easily for that great chicken recipe I made two years ago, or the modifications I’ve made to the granola we eat on a regular basis. I use it to search for people we’ve had for dinner, so I don’t serve them the same thing again and again. Larry uses it as proof against me when I’ve gone too long between making one of his favorite dishes. He also takes many of the photos on the blog, and has helped guide the development of Pork Cracklins. He’s also a great travel partner, and we get a ton of inspiration from our annual vacations.

So, eight years of pretty much doing the same thing, I’ve started to branch out slightly – I’ll do an occasional cookbook review or wine post. I’m doing my best to include recipes or links to recipes on other blogs. Eight years is ancient for a food blog, yet I feel like it’s just starting to develop a voice. Thanks for sharing my little experiment with me over the years, and I look forward to many more!


  1. Julia

    Congratulations on this milestone, Sheri! I love your blog posts, they are so inspirational. I am also excited about your wine & cookbook reviews!! :)

  2. Kathy McMorrow

    Eight years is impressive! Congratulations. I sure enjoy reading it so here’s to eight more.

  3. 8 Years!!! That’s fantastic. I love your blog, it inspires me when I don’t know what to cook or bake. Thanks for that!

  4. Larry

    Thanks for 8(+) years of wonderful food. Glad to help out with the photos (and the eating :).

  5. Wow, 8 years? Great to hear that you’re still enjoying the experience of blogging. Love your posts and recipes. BTW, have you tried pork cracklins yet? I swear that if you were ever around some that were made absolutely fresh, you’d find yourself eating them. And enjoying them (really). Happened to me…

    Here’s to the future!

  6. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to more cooking and posting and conversation about food and cooking!

    Teddy: nope, never tried them. They smell good. But the idea.. I don’t think I could.

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