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Banana Caramel Pudding with Meringue Topping

This isn’t really a banana pudding – it’s a silky caramel pudding, with layers of sliced bananas and Nilla Wafers. I could eat the pudding by itself, honestly.

I let my caramel get pretty dark, so the flavor came through really well. I’m not so sure about the Nilla Wafers. They didn’t add much to the mix if you ask me… but I’d like to try this with Biscoff at some point.

I made one small dish of pudding with the meringue (which will start to weep fairly quickly), but packed the rest of it into a plastic storage container for a long weekend in Bend, OR with my dad. It traveled really well, and would make a nice picnic or camping dish (sans meringue).

For the recipe and to see how the other Baked Sunday Mornings bakers fared, head over to Baked Sunday Mornings.

  • Banana Caramel Pudding with Meringue Topping (Baked Elements, p. 206)

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  1. Lovely caramel color! I wish I had let my caramel go longer but it was tasty nonetheless.

  2. Just perfect, Sheri!
    We skipped the meringue and didn’t miss it at all.
    I agree, the pudding is perfect all on its own!

  3. Beautiful job, Sheri! Hmm, my pudding was a little gritty– I’d like to know your secret to making it “silky”. Great flavor though, I agree! I too will try it next time with Biscoff cookies, though the Trader Joe’s vanilla wafers that I used help up pretty well.

    • Was it gritty, or chalky? My guess would be related to temp – if a cornstarch-based pudding doesn’t get hot enough, it won’t fully swell up and will stay kind of chalky. It needs to actually boil.

      • Just a touch gritty– definitely not chalky, ew! Hmm, it boiled for a good while, so I don’t think temperature was the problem. I suspect that because my caramel was a little funky at first, maybe the mixture wasn’t totally emulsified. It was still tasty though!

  4. Biscoff sounds like a really great idea!

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