About Sheri
I live the good life in Silicon Valley, California with my husband Larry and our dog Coco. My favorite things besides cooking are drinking wine, making cocktails and playing outdoors. I have a bit of a cookbook fetish and like to experiment in the kitchen.

In January 2013 I escaped from the world of high tech and software and went to culinary school. Read more about my experiences here. I continue to work on freelance culinary projects.

Work With Me
For food writing, recipe testing and development and other culinary projects, please contact me directly: sheri {at} porkcracklins {dot} com.

About Pork Cracklins
A lot of people ask about the blog name. Before I went to culinary school, I’d never had pork cracklins. They sound revolting. But early one morning in my sleep, I uttered the phrase “pork cracklins”. Larry, privy to many of my nightime monologues, was awake and it just seemed like a good name for a food blog. As a result, the most popular search term on the blog is “pork cracklins”. Larry takes most of the photos that appear with the blog entries. He shoots with a Canon 6D and a fixed 35mm lens.

The Birth of Pork Cracklins
Pork Cracklins began as (and continues to be) a means to catalog what I cook. Before Pork Cracklins, I found myself scrambling to figure out where I got this recipe or that recipe.. and more often than not I failed to locate it. Now it’s as easy as searching the blog.

Recipes on Pork Cracklins
Are you looking for recipes? I post recipes on occasion. Do a search under the “recipes” category. If you see something that you like and want the recipe, I’m happy to post it.

Endorsements, reviews, sponsored posts
I occasionally post reviews, product promotions and endorsements, cookbook reviews and giveaways, and posts on food-related organizations and events. I am sometimes compensated to work with brands and companies, but I do not accept payment to publish positive feedback on a product. This site may contain affiliate links.