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Bourbon, Vanilla, and Chocolate Milk Shakes and Simple Chocolate Syrup

We’ve stepped up our Baked Sunday Mornings schedule for the next few months, in anticipation of the release of the newest book in the Baked Series, Baked Occasions.

All of the Baked cookbooks are really good, but I think Occasions will be their best yet. I’ve had the opportunity to test out some of the recipes, plus I spent a week in New York on the shoot with Matt and Nato, so I go to try just about everything in the book. It’s going to be spectacular.

With the weekly schedule, I was happy to have something relatively simple to make – vanilla ice cream with a bit of chocolate syrup, doctored up with a bit of Bourbon and Bourbon-soaked vanilla bean.

With only two of us in the house, I cut the recipe back to a shareable one milkshake, just the perfect amount for an after-dinner treat. I used my Bourbon of choice – Black Maple Hill, a small-batch Bourbon that’s incredibly aromatic. I could have done without the chocolate syrup on top. Mine seized up and was generally problematic.

I’m glad I only made one shake. It would have been dangerous to have any more around, because I could have easily sucked down at least one more.

For the recipe and to see how the other Baked Sunday Mornings bakers fared, head over to Baked Sunday Mornings.

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  1. Byn

    I really don’t know what the deal with this chocolate syrup is. I mean cocoa, sugar, water, salt – what could go wrong? Mine was gritty and also turned into a big clump. The milkshakes were delicious though!

  2. Despite the syrup issues…your milkshake looks great! Got another straw?

  3. Yes, stupid syrup indeed! I also cut back the recipe to make a single milkshake… at least I won’t have to find a use for any leftover sauce!

  4. yeven

    I opted out on this but very interesting to hear that so many had trouble with the syrup. Wonder why? I’m jealous- a week on the shoot with them for the book? How awesome- would love to hear more about it!

  5. I’ll have to try Black Maple Hill, your description makes it sound really nice.

  6. We liked this, too. I’m glad I used ready-made chocolate sauce – I can’t believe almost everyone had the same problem. I can’t wait to see your posts about the making of the book once we start it.

  7. I didn’t get to make the milkshake this week, but I am definitely going to try it, as it sounds yummy.
    I’m so excited about the new book! And how lucky to spend a week on the shoot!! :)

  8. I had to skip this one, as I was traveling at the time, but it sounds yummy. Sorry to hear about the syrup– looks like almost everyone had the same experience. I was going to try it for this week’s semifreddi, but I think I’ll use a ready-made syrup instead…

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