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Turtle Thumbprint Cookies

I almost didn’t even bring these cookies in to work – they weren’t quite up to snuff. I thought they’d be great – chocolate cookies, toasted pecans, caramel. I love turtles, so there was a lot of promise.

The cookies are finicky – they will easily overbake, and even though I pulled mine out a minute early and they looked fine, they were still a little on the dry side. And rolling each one in egg white and then chopped pecans was labor-intensive, too.

The caramel isn’t your typical cooked sugar – it’s got sweetened condensed milk in it and uses brown sugar instead of granulated white sugar. I cooked it too long, worrying more about getting a nice amber color rather than the texture. It set up like cement, instead of staying kind of gooey.

That said, I still shared them with my colleagues, and a lot of people said they liked them. They weren’t bad… just not great.

For the recipe and to see how the other Baked Sunday Mornings bakers fared, head over to Baked Sunday Mornings.

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  1. Byn

    I was nervous of cooking my caramel too long, so I pulled it off the heat after only about 5 minutes. I still had all the little brown bits in it…but figured no one would notice but me. I love the look of these though.

  2. Your cookies are picture perfect! Love that pic! Sorry the caramel wasn’t a winner. But they sure do look good! I made more of them today and will take them to work tomorrow to get the co-workers opinions.

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