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Chewy Chocolate Mint Cookies

Flat, flat cookies. They drive me crazy, and these little chocolate mint morsels are no exception. They’re not a bad cookie – very chocolate-y and intensely minty. If you don’t like mint, you can leave it out and add nuts or another flavor.

These are a make-ahead sort of cookie. Like most cookie doughs, it benefits from some time chilling in the refrigerator. In my case, it was in there for a couple of days. I had other things on my plate: the annual Netflix Waffle Day was last week, and my coworker and I were busy making puff pastry (16 pounds) and frangipane (6 quarts, and yes, we waffled puff pastry!).

After waffle day was over, the cookies bake off in just 10 minutes. The dough is just as quick and easy to make, too, but I’m not sure this is a recipe I’ll revisit.

For the recipe and to see how the other Baked Sunday Mornings bakers fared, head over to Baked Sunday Mornings.

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  1. Chocolate-mint anything has been my craving of late. I think these cookies, given their flat nature, might be great for ice cream sandwiches (cookiewiches?)

    • They’d be great for sandwiches! These are very, very minty. But of course, it could just be me and my tendency to make flat cookies for some reason.

  2. Hmmm my cookies didn’t turn out flat…I wonder what the difference was? Mine also took way longer to bake…maybe i just scooped mine too big? I really liked these – so chewy – and I sandwiched them together with mint ice cream :)

  3. You WAFFLED PUFF PASTRY? Dear lord. That sounds amazing.

  4. You can waffle puff pastry? My mind is blown! I’m with you on this recipe being a bit meh — not sure I will make these again.

    • Yes! We rolled it flat, covered it with a thin layer of frangipane, rolled it into a log, then spiraled it like a cinnamon bun. Then waffle! Butter was EVERYWHERE.

  5. You’re not alone. This is how my chocolate chip cookies always turn out. I get pissed off and disappointed every time, so I just stopped making them. I loved these cookies – the first time I made them, they held their shape, but the second time – flat. I hear ya. Still, the flavor of these is good.

  6. Flat cookies suck. And are angry-making.

  7. As long as the cookies still taste good, I’m okay with flat cookies! I love that you waffled puff pastry! I had no idea that could be done.

  8. Sandra, I’m discovering that most anything can be waffled. Although not everything *should*.

  9. Mine were kind flat, yet lumpy. I too will use Robyn’s Momofuku method next time. I was surprised at how much I like these, since I am not a mint person. And they grew on me– I brought them to work and can’t stop eating them… :-/

  10. That sucks that your cookies turned out flat! Usually my cookies do the same, however, and these actually held up for me and didn’t flatten out! But at least you seemed to have a successful waffling of puff pastry! :)

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